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Get ready to learn how to play anything on Guitar with the most incredibly powerful, never before released GUITAR techniques.

...Techniques that will show you how to play like DragonForce, Carlos Santana, BB King, Maroon 5, Eddie Van Halen, Bob Marley, Blink182, Marty Friedman, and more?
Well you are in for the ride of your life. GuitarHotShot was designed to make master guitarists. I want to teach YOU how to rip up insane leads, play super-complex guitar riffs and equip you with an endless songwriting ability. It wasn't long after GuitarHotShot was released, that a new breed of guitarist began to spawn, some of which would singlehandedly receive 35,000,000 views on YouTube alone.

I created GuitarHotShot after I received hundreds of emails and calls from people just like you, with strong desires for a Guitar workshop that would show them how to become an incredible guitarist, skipping all of the "unnecessary" detours that keep most people from reaching that high level in the first place.

GuitarHotShot comes action packed with all of the top rated guitar lessons you have heard about, with 100+ Video lessons, Tabulature, Rhythm riffs, Hundreds of Exclusive Jam tracks, Solo Scales, and your skill level does not matter! The system is 100% step by step and easy to learn. GHS also includes all the major record label listings! We want to see you become a master at guitar then get famous!

Simple explanation: I created this program to turn beginners, intermediate and advanced players into Guitar Gods.

Who am I? I am an internationally known guitarist who has taught guitar for over 20 years. After studying in NYC and working as an apprentice I began to teach and found that I loved doing it. In fact I had began teaching professionally before I had all the hit records and distribution deals. Teaching was really my passion from the start.

To make a long story short, In 2003, I was hired by numerous production companies in Manhattan and it was very demanding work. The work was rewarding, only they asked me one day to record rock guitar, then the next to perform latin. If I was to be the best in New York, I had to play like the best. Within two weeks I had created a new way to achieve success playing any type of music, at any speed, in any style. I quickly moved up the ranks performing in NYC. They would call me when they needed "The best." This is the exact same "secret" system I teach now to this day.
After a few more weeks of research, and speaking with my students and colleagues, GuitarHotShot was born. All of my Mastery methods on video, with a twist: They would be produced in a never before seen platform.

During this time, I found that people generally wanted a system that could show you:

One technique that any player can use to play any type of music.
How to "make it up as you go along" (Improv)
How to write songs, create riffs and award winning solos.
How to play from ear, (No music needed) develop a talent that you otherwise would need to be born with.
How to read music, play any piece of music or song with just a page of written notes. (Without it taking months to learn!)
The new breed of accelerated guitar teaching tools is here:

GuitarHotShot is what guitarists around the world are calling the most easily accessed, rapid mastery method for guitar and music theory.

The program design comes from a carefully orchestrated combination of both cutting edge and traditional techniques. Everything was recorded on video with careful respect to the player.

It was important that this program incorporated every stage of expertise as well as covering all styles of music and technique.

GuitarHotShot is a wide ranged system that can be used as a complete learning system, teaching tool, resource and talent exercise all in one.

Get Immediate Online Access Now!

Are you a beginner who wants to learn the basics and start playing pieces of music and your favorite songs?
Are you an experienced player who wants to expand their horizons?
You might even want to develop new talents that will allow you to hear a piece of music and play it by musical memory without music, notes or hearing the music more than once!
If you are looking for these abilities, you have come to the right place.
GuitarHotShot is truly a "one of a kind" Guitar learning system, and Ill tell you why.

Lets learn how to first understand the Guitar, make your way around it and then master the instrument.
All of the techniques you are about to learn are the building blocks of skill behind the Guitar. This is all you will need to play the most incredible pieces of music, and it does not matter what level of player you are.

It is easier than you think and when you discover the ultimate mastery method you will soon understand why. Welcome to GuitarHotShot, The first integrated online Guitar workshop of its kind is here.

GuitarHotShot rocks. It is simply the best tool online for guitar. The program itself supercharged my playing. Its like guitar lessons on steroids.

I can now safely say I can focus on my creativity on stage instead of trying to figure out where to make my next move in my solos.
The ear training exercises and the videos on form and patterns got me playing like never before. I also like the fact that guitarHotShot has regularly added new videos and updates.
If you need a quick and easy solution that jump starts you and shows you everything you need to know about playing guitar, I strongly recommend GuitarHotShot. It's the best!

Waterbury, CT

Unlike "other" teaching systems you will find that:

You do not need to follow strict rules in fear of your technique disappearing.
You do not need to spend alot of time practicing with this course.
It will not take you to the bank, charging you every week for "lessons" wasting your time and money.

Play Guitar like a pro with a cutting edge, step by step method that is easy to understand and apply. Learn the techniques on 52 video lessons used by the greatest guitarists, leaving your audience blown away.
Start amazing your family & friends immediately with incredible chops. With your new set of fingers you will sound like a pro in a record breaking amount of time!
Learn how to play music from memory, using the GuitarHotShot ear training method, which is more than easy to develop. You don't need to be born with talent, like Joe Satriani and BBKing. Only at GuitarHotShot we make it possible to develop this talent without being born with it and you will soon see why. Learn how to "almost magically" be able to play whole pieces of music after hearing them only a couple times.
Blow through the most difficult passages, scales and riffs with a collection of tricks and methods used by professional players.
Learn to play Guitar in every style imaginable: Rock, Metal, Classical, Jazz, Fusion, Latin, Folk, Country and more! Be able to play any song imaginable.
Visually stimulate your brain with the video lessons, opening up your horizons to "own" the keyboard, no matter what level of expertise.
Become a Master of Music Theory with the GuitarHotShot performance upgrade. Use our measure combos to internalize the makings of great music. Build the talent up from beginner to advanced until it is a matter of instinct.
Do you already play Guitar? Chances are, (if you have never formally studied the instrument,) are positioning yourself entirely the wrong way! Most players who are not familiar with the wrist stroke are throwing their energy right out the window! Maximize your energy and hand strength in three days.
Help yourself to our extensive library of every scale, chord, arpeggio and groove known to man! Every resource is written in music and provided via Video and audio as well.
Discover the power of muscle memory. You will learn that your brain is not the only part of your body that remembers! Your hands will remember too!
Learn how to read music! Guitar music is actually fun to read! Notes will become easy to understand, just as letters are. You will soon find that it is a truly amazing feeling to be able to play any piece of music on call, with help from a written page. That is what it is all about! Learn how fast here at GuitarHotShot.
Over 10,000 counted riffs, solos, scales and licks... GuitarHotShot is action packed with a serious amount of material. As a member you will receive 24-7 access to the ultimate resource available to the modern guitarist. Every video lesson comes complete with graphical documentation so we make sure you learn every riff, pattern and scale. You don't read music? No problem! The GuitarHotShot system uses cutting edge grid based technology so you can master the guitar using nothing but the members section!
Master rhythm! become more of an accurate player immediately. Blaze through any time signature you want and be able to handle all feels and rhythm changes. Amaze your family and friends when you play intense grooves and fills from heart! The GuitarHotShot system includes exclusive 24-7 access to the world's most comprehensive and easy to understand rhythm system ever!
You will learn how to play like Joe Satriani, BB King, Carlos Santana, the guitarists from DragonForce easy! Master all styles of music at advanced levels in an optimal amount of time!
Learn how to read Guitar music and Notes... Learn tablature, how to read music, and scores, with our "video comprehension" system, which makes it extremely easy and fun.
Learn to play in every style known to man including: Rock, Jazz, Fusion, Speed Metal, Country, Funk, Hip hop, Urban, Electronic, Classic rock, Classical and more!
Get your hands on the best instruments for less. Learn where and when to acquire the most valuable acoustics and electrics, Les pauls, 7 and 12-strings, classical and miniature guitars at discounted prices and sometimes even free! The retail music stores hate us cause we are their worst enemy!
Learn easy ways to tackle the fastest and hardest licks, patterns and combos!... and do this while you are laying down the most insanely sexy solo ever!
Play with incredible speed and accuracy... Learn how to play any song PERFECTLY and up to 3 times faster than it was recorded. Master time signatures, cross rhythms and tempo changes.
Get ready to master the most challenging rhythm riffs and solo licks! Any song you wish to play we will prepare you for! Master metal guitar, Latin and Jazz independence, Linear Funk, and that's just the tip of the iceberg.
Discover the one thing the Guitar teachers don't tell their students EVER.
If they told you this, you would have NO reason to go back for another lesson.

For the first time ever:
The Complete GuitarHotShot learning system:

Learn how to play Guitar from beginning to professional right on your computer from the comfort of your own home. You are going to be playing guitar by the end of the day as the GuitarHotShot system comes with 288 lessons, 52 Video lessons, Exclusive Audio MP3 Jam tracks, exercises, scales, chords, and step by step instructions for all stages. In addition to the exclusive system, you will be given 1000+ scales and arpeggios, exclusive resources and our library jam tracks to play along with. Everything you need to learn from start to finish is here. You will be given the tools to develop an incredible skill at Guitar.

GuitarHotShot is instantly accessible through our members section. It's easy, quick and applicable for every player.

Note: Every video lesson comes with a full graphical explanation of what was covered! You simply cannot fail at becoming a guitar master with this system.

The Exclusive Guitar Lesson Video Library:

Access all of the lessons and resources on video; Internalize the entire system on video right there while you play. This makes it easily accessible for anyone to learn at their own pace, and you will feel truly satisfied as a player.

Individual Lessons included: How to improvise, using octaves, the job of the left and right hands, fingering and more!

Styles included: Rock, Metal, Classical, Rock, Alternative, Americana, latin, Jazz, Country, Gospel, Bluegrass, abstract and more!

The GuitarHotShot JamTracks Collection:

In addition to the already action packed GuitarHotShot system and membership, we also feature "Jam tracks," for you to rehearse to and play along with. These mp3s are methodically introduced throughout your training for the best possible training.

The GuitarHotShot Membership:

Become a member of the most in depth Guitar workshop online.
Learn how to play, perform and write music on the guitar all online with a GuitarHotShot membership. As a member you will have unlimited access to all the GuitarHotShot features and updates. The members section is updated regularly with instruction, tips and training on video, audio and documentation.

J, Thanks for your site. I wanted to let you know that your system is working!
I sharpened up my playing in one week and I am SHREDDING. You really know what you are doing when it comes to guitar.
I am going to be recording an album and headlining next month and I will proudly endorse GuitarHotShot on the road.
J, Keep doing what you do and I will be using your site daily to become the best guitarist ever! Whoever doesnt join is crazy. You rock dude. Thanks again!

Matt N.
Wilmington, VT

My playing is 10 times better than before. NO JOKE. You can ask anyone around here, they will tell you. I am THE MAN at guitar now. Where did I learn? Who is my teacher? Jamie Lewis at GuitarHotShot. That's who!

Johnny Cock Rock
I can't believe you are practically giving away your information like this. I love you for it, but I am amazed! I am looking forward to your updates. They have already done alot for my playing. Thank you.

Jessica Stern
Ronkonkoma, NY
Last Tuesday I got the program, today I am playing along with Dreamtheatre. I actually can't believe this. Jamie, if you need anything, let me know. I owe you one.

Henry Nelson
Los Angeles, CA
Need a guitar lessons program all online? It's all here at GuitarHotShot. GuitarHotShot combines a state of the art online learning members section with intuitive video lessons, techniques and "secrets" to creating powerhouse leads, rhythm guitar and more. Its truly a godsend and I recommend it to the fullest.

Julie Gilmore
Austin, TX
The lead guitar videos are perfect, the acoustic stuff is great, the rhythm guitar material showed me everything I needed.
I will be sure to pick up every book, video or whatever you publish in the future.

After GuitarHotShot, my playing will never be the same! I went from hardly being able to play a power chord to advanced solo technique, being able to switch from bar chords to octaves to your complex combos and you made it easy. It took 3 days to master the "chord shifter" technique, 2 more to successfully "power up" and I was doing odd time signatures 2 days after that dude.

You are the best teacher ever man. God bless you. Please let me know when you have more stuff coming out. Peace!

John Monroe.
Salt Lake City, UT
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Thank you!

I want to sincerely thank you for visiting and I hope you grab your membership while they are still available. I will not keep this introductory price of $29.95 active for much longer. Ill tell you what, If you can find another program like GuitarHotShot that offers hundreds of the ultimate video lessons, jam tracks, and 20 years of experience at your fingertips..... buy it immediately!

If you want to learn guitar, you are absolutely at the right place. GuitarHotShot is THE ultimate guitar lessons program. I made sure that this program would be ahead of the curve for 2008, a fresh, new powerful no-holds barred approach to killer guitar chops.

I know I will see you in the members section, and I look forward to personally showing you how to play guitar and making you a master.


Jamie Lewis
P.S: If at any time you need help or you have questions or concerns, feel free to contact me personally. I will look forward to hearing from you. Also, I thought I would let you know that GuitarHotShot works on PCs and Macs, is easily accessed through the members section and can be easily and quickly utilized. If I haven't answered the question you were looking for, check out the FAQ page!
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